30 June 2020

The new heavy boss cylinders have arrived

speed and productivity are growing, but above all the workable thicknesses increase considerably, allowing bumps that were previously unthinkable even on materials difficult for their hardness […]
30 June 2020

The new cutter-plotter starts working

fast, powerful, precise, it allows to obtain cutting and emptying on the same piece, with differentiated levels, maintaining an excellent level of finish. Date 21/12/2018
30 June 2020

The new 160 quintal truck has finally entered service

The new 160-quintal truck has finally entered service, replacing the old 150 which had already exceeded 1,000,000 kilometers. Euro 6 and 9m press box, we are […]
30 June 2020

We have installed the second head of the water cutting

After a long wait we installed the second head of the Waterjet: double head, double speed!
30 June 2020

New IMAR spa catalog

We are pleased to present you the new catalog of some of our materials. Specific catalogs by division will follow shortly. Enjoy your business !!! the […]

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