Mattresses and Pillows

There is no doubt that during the last ten years we have seen a small revolution in the concept of mattress, during which polyurethane has been transformed from a simple shell for a body made up of springs into the center of the entire bed system.

Its qualities of elasticity, lightness and breathability, which can be further enhanced with appropriate processing, by assembling semi-finished products made of different materials, have made it by far the most used product for this application.

Imar naturally uses its own technical approach to serve this market as well, relying on the very rich range of OLMO Spa products, a company that has always been committed to the research and development of cutting-edge materials.

Whether in the case of a mattress for the home or the medical sector, Imar can rely on the most suitable quality and workmanship.

Starting from the work of your designer, with the advice of our technical staff, we will realize the first prototype and move on to the pre-series and production phase in a short time and at low costs.

As for the padding sector, Imar limits itself to the production and assembly of the polyurethane part, providing a semi-finished product for the finished mattress industry.