Horizontal cutting:

One must start with good fundamentals to get the best results.

We are equipped with two carousels for the continuous cutting of large volumes with the highest precision; and, whenever force is needed, a mobile table splitter and a contrast roll splitter allow us to work on even the most difficult materials.

Vertical and inclined cutting:

For small volumes, prototype samples and all “odd things”, the operator’s dexterity still remains an irreplaceable tool



When it is necessary to obtain internal shapes, the die-cutting machines get the job done. There are two automatic machines with great productivity and reliability and two manual machines to work on single pieces.

Efficiency and precision at your service

Work center:

Vibrating blade cutting and numerically controlled multi-level milling. High flexibility at maximum power


Pure water cutting:

4,000 atmospheres concentrated in a few tenths of a millimeter allows for a precise and fast cut.

We give free rein to your imagination: whatever you can draw on a sheet of paper, we can make out of flexible—or even less flexible—products.

Horizontal pantographs:

Horizontal pantographs are the classic equipment for a traditional polyurethane processing facility.

We are equipped with a vibrating blade machine for precision work and a continuous blade for maximum productivity.

Vertical pantographs:

Two CNC machines for cutting anything you can draw on a sheet of paper without lifting the pen.

Vertical pantographs make it possible to process a large number of sheets simultaneously, with maximum precision.