Expanded materials are ideal for wrapping, packaging, protecting, displaying and enhancing your products.

With our offer spanning the whole range of polyurethanes based on ether or ester, cross-linked and non-cross-linked polyethylene and elastomers of various types and colors, we are always able to find the most suitable product for your needs.

Equipped with a very wide range of machinery, ranging from automatic or manual die-cutting machines to plotters, pantographs, deformation machine, embossing machine and adhesifying machine, we can study the solution for the particular case, make prototypes in a very short time thanks to our warehouse that is always stocked and then move on to the production phase.

Our technical department is always available to study the solution and design the desired template.

Whether for interiors of briefcases or boxes, displays, economical shipping packaging or super-luxury packaging to enhance a particular object, Imar always has the ideal solution.

However, our part concerns exclusively the foam portion: cardboard or metal boxes, briefcases or supports are not part of our service.